Micro-Frontends Course – Beginner to Expert Don’t know what a Micro-Frontend, but you’ve heard the buzz and you want to learn it. Let me take you from just starting out, to understanding asynchronous loading, error handling, shared state, cross platform micro-frontends, how to route multiple applications together, and even how

This is perfect SpringOne talk for beginners who want to know “What is Spring” or someone who needs a refresher on Spring. Glenn Renfro, begins with a brief history of Spring Framework, later covers layers of Spring 
and what each layer does.

SpringOne 2020 is online this year for 2 days, September 2-3 9:00am t0 6:00pm EST. The event is packaged with dynamite speakers, breakout sessions spread across five easily surfable tracks, and interactive Workshops—all focused on getting apps to production. So don’t miss it, here is the registration link – https://springone.io/register