Modern CSS – by Joe Attardi

Whether you are a beginner, or experienced developer who needs a CSS refresher, Modern CSS is the book for you. Joe Attardi,  my former colleague has done an excellent job teaching every concept accompanied by code examples and screenshots.

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About the book

A lot of developers are intimidated by CSS. While it is true that CSS is a complicated topic, we can approach it step by step and gain mastery over it.

This book is a tour of modern CSS. It starts with the basic, fundamental concepts like the box model, specificity, selectors, colors, and units. Once you have a solid foundation, we move on to basic styling – text, backgrounds, borders, sizing, and more. As this book is about modern CSS, we will also cover transitions and animations. Finally, we will also cover CSS layout topics – floats, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

Every concept is accompanied by code examples, and a screenshot of how the example is rendered in a browser.

Modern CSS is aimed at beginners, or experienced developers who need a CSS refresher.

As the title implies, we will be focusing on CSS features supported by modern browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Some of the topics covered in this book will not work with Internet Explorer.

Topics covered include:

  • box model
  • specificity
  • selectors
  • units
  • colors
  • inline vs block elements
  • backgrounds
  • gradients
  • shadows
  • borders
  • text and fonts
  • layout
  • positioning
  • transforms
  • transitions
  • animations
  • floats
  • responsive design
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid

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